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Quickness mixes cutting edge modern pop with old school rock.

Songs of lost love, sex, death, gang violence, gentrification. Quickness has not been idle in the time since the release of their debut album.

Currently the band has completed recording their new album: Sticks and Stones their song Miracle was mixed by famed producer engineer Dave (Rave) Ogilvie (Nine inch Nails, Orgy, Marilyn Manson)  

Anthems for your Ghettoblaster (2011) introduced Quickness to audiences as a fresh take on modern rock. The band has a gift for writing heartfelt social commentary, and they haven’t stopped pushing since.

Catch them on tour in 2019 supporting their new album "Sticks and Stones" 

Quickness is:

Jacob Dryden – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Programming

Jim Mclaren – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Moog

David Spidel – Bass, Vocals, Drum Machine

Phil Gardner – Drums, Vocals, Samples


Quickness :: Anthems for your Ghettoblaster is available on itunes, Amazon and many other online music outlets

Top ten BC made albums of 2011 in The Province Newspaper :

Quickness, a new band with a punk attitude but accomplished playing, convincing emotion and a selection of  good, varied songs.” Dec. 28 2011 tharrison@theprovince.com   

Quickness is Cfox 99.3 Band of the Month for November 2011″ Todd Hancock Cfox FM 99.3 (C) Corus Entertainment 2011 (Published Nov 1st 2011)

Quickness, with it’s combination of multi-talented musicians delivers a soulful Incubus-like sound with the heart and drive of Stone Temple Pilots. Their seamless melodies never tire of twisting and turning.” Oct 20 2011 – Danica Steward / Toronto Rock Music Examiner

Album of the week – Quickness: Anthems For Your Ghettoblaster” The Province Newspaper, August 1 2011 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Quickness is blessed with a talent for writing concise and cohesive songs, smartly contructed and simply stated… As well, Jacob Dryden’s vocals are impassioned and his guitar-playing also suggests a Jimi Hendrix influence, which adds an extra dimension to the band. Quickness sounds more versatile and flexible than it’s rather narrow description indicates.” The Province Newspaper, July 30 2011 tharrison@theprovince.com

“Jacob is that rare kind of producer that can look into your soul and just know what your vision is. He twiddles with the controls, and then, there it is – your vision – in the playback. He brought it from my brain to the tape, just like that. No rock and roll ego BS, just solid technical skills, a good ear and a bit of  magic.” – Garth Mullins, writer, award-winning broadcaster, musician and activist.

East Van Calling is the podcast of activist, award-winning broadcaster and musician, Garth Mullins, covering social issues in Vancouver, Canada, such as gentrification, harm reduction and indigenous rights. Currently in its 19th episode, “This Town” is the intro music for the Podcast series. The podcast can be found on iTunes and soundcloud.

End of the Dial” is the one-hour documentary on the future of radio in a digital age that had radio producers and nerds talking around the globe. Aired on World Radio Day 2014, on the CBC National program “Ideas,” the piece used has since been re-aired on National Public Radio and around the world on shortwave. “This Town” was used as the extro music.

‘’Quickness delivers radio rock in all its post-hardcore glory. Soaring melodies and vigorous riffage round out their sound, while echoing hints of reggae and new-age anthem rock. Coupled with skin-tight, K-os certified drummer Ray Garraway, Quickness is unstoppable in its hard-hitting soundscapes. “It’s easy to get into!” exclaims the man behind the kit. Well, that’s an understatement if I ever heard one. Not only are these veterans astounding in their musical accessibility, but lead singer/guitarist Jacob Dryden’s lyrics are simply overflowing with everyman-imagery. It’s the kind of stuff relatable to anyone with a heart and a social conscience, and it makes for some downright feel-good rock-n-roll.‘’ Jan 20 2010 Ben Rowley


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